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Rock Star Bret Michaels Adopts A ‘Hero’ Dog Named After… Himself?

Bret Michaels announced that he “couldn’t be more thrilled” to adopt Bret Michaels ― a 6-year-old husky in Nebraska ― on Thursday.

The Poison frontman, who is currently on his “Parti-Gras” tour, announced the adoption on social media this past week after he previously shared a Nebraska Humane Society story about the “hero” dog saving a kitten’s life.

The Nebraska Humane Society wrote that it brought in three stray kittens who were “dirty, cold, and covered in fleas” and while two wound up doing well, a third was “wobbly, weak, and lethargic” in what they concluded was flea anemia.

The kitten needed blood and “needed it now,” according to the group.

“Cats, like humans, have blood types. Us humans are lucky to have a ‘universal donor’ type, O-, that can be safely transfused into a person with any other type,” wrote the Nebraska Humane Society, which noted that “canine blood can be transfused into felines” in a social media post.

“Cats, however, don’t have the luxury of a universal donor type, and transfusing the wrong blood could have dire consequences.”

The group pointed to a practice called xenotransfusion, which, while not permanent, gave the kitten time to live.

The Nebraska Humane Society later wrote that Bret Michaels loved the story and the dog will be “living the rock star life from here on out.”

Michaels shared pictures of the husky on social media along with the kitten that the dog left a massive impact on.

“It takes a village of awesomeness and now I have a new mission… to find an incredible home for the kitten,” wrote Michaels, who noted that the kitten’s name is “Roses & Thorn” in a nod to the hit Poison song.

Michaels revealed to People that the dog’s story brought back memories of his 14-year-old German shepherd, a pet that he said he lost earlier this year.

He also told the magazine that he couldn’t have “been more touched and more honored” to adopt Michaels the dog as he said he’d “extend the awesome quality of little Bret Jr.’s life.”