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Hilarie Burton Gives Rare Look at Family Life With Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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These two have perfect chemistry onscreen and off. 

Hilarie Burton is giving fans a rare peek into her relationship with husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan, revealing how she and the Walking Dead actor have kept the magic alive for more than 14 years.

“My husband is my muse when it comes to work,” the One Tree Hill alum wrote in her new book Grimoire Girl. “I see the effort he puts into it. I see how committed he is to breaking stereotypes. He’s not afraid to cry when he plays a legendary tough guy. He is generous with his affection. He cares very much about the words and will have hard conversations with writers and producers to make sure that the characters and stories are honored.”

And playing an onscreen husband and wife in The Walking Dead was a special moment for them both—and also a reminder to Hilarie of how lucky she is. 

“Working with him on The Walking Dead was such a warm and fulfilling experience,” the White Collar actress continued. “We have very different relationships with acting. For me, it is something that I have done my entire life, having been put in classes while in preschool. Jeff came to it much later and struggled in Los Angeles for a lot of years before he started working. And so, his appreciation for what he gets to do for a living is this beautiful reminder for me of what the work is really about.”