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‘Feel Stupid Yet?’: Ice Cube Burns Elon Musk With Scorching Surprise Diss

Ice Cube scorched Elon Musk in a brutal social media diss after the owner of X (formerly Twitter) shared a years-old meme about the rapper on Thursday.

Cube took aim at the billionaire’s tumultuous ownership of his social media platform after he tweeted a picture of the rapper alongside a photo of an ice cube with the caption “Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet?”

“Remember Twitter? This it now, feel stupid yet?” wrote the N.W.A rapper alongside a photo of the platform’s former bird logo and a dumpster fire.

Musk appeared to share the meme after another user – @greg16676935420 – replied to one of the billionaire’s posts with the image.

“I posted this innocent meme under one of Elon’s posts and now I accidentally started beef between @elonmusk and @icecube,” they wrote after Cube’s diss.

Cube, who once dissed N.W.A group members and manager Jerry Heller in the hip-hop diss track “No Vaseline,” has been the subject of controversy on Musk’s platform.

He came under fire in June 2020 for sharing a number of antisemitic pictures and posts, The Daily Beast reported.

The rapper defended sharing the posts and conspiracy theories, writing, “What if I was just pro-Black? This is the truth brother. I didn’t lie on anyone. I didn’t say I was anti anybody. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. I’ve been telling my truth.”

Cube, following Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the platform in 2022, later called on the billionaire to take off his “shadow ban homie.”

A number of users on X applauded the rapper over the diss on Thursday, equating his post to an Uno reverse card on Musk.