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Do blue light glasses work? What experts say about their effectiveness

Among the fads to emerge from the pandemic − sourdough bread making, TikTok dancing, sweatpants tie-dying − wearing blue light glasses to cope with increased screen exposure remains popular.

As our lives move increasingly online, the number of minutes a day we spend staring at laptops, phones, and tablets has skyrocketed. In response, many have taken to donning a pair of lenses specifically designed to block out the blue light emitted from our screens.

But are they really effective? And how damaging is the blue light anyway? Here’s what experts had to say.

Do blue light glasses really work?

“They mostly don’t work for the things that they’re advertised for,” Dr. Craig See, an ophthalmologist with the Cleveland Clinic says. Blue light glasses are largely marketed as a solution to eye strain and as a protectant for the retina.