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Ray Epps brings lawsuit against Fox News for defamation

Fox News is facing another legal challenge in the wake of the January 6 insurrection.

Ray Epps, an Arizona man who has become a figure in conspiracy theories surrounding the riot, is suing the network for defamation.

The lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of Delaware, is the latest in a string of legal filings against the right-wing network. This action stems from conspiracy theories that arose after the failed insurrection that involved Epps that were amplified by Fox News.

What is Ray Epps suing for?

Epps lawsuit claims that Fox intentionally broadcasted false information, “with knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for truth.” The suit goes on to claim that the network engaged in a pre-conceived story line and that, “Fox—and specifically Mr. Carlson—decided that Epps was the villain they needed to distract from the Dominion lawsuit.”