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GOP Governor Promises Gift Cards In Exchange For $1 Donations

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) announced Monday that he will send donors a $20 gift card if they donate $1 to his presidential campaign.

“People are hurting because of Bidenflation, and giving Biden Economic Relief cards is a way to help 50,000 people until we get in office and fix this crazy economy for everyone!” Burgum tweeted Monday. “Get yours here,” the tweet continued with a link to his campaign donation site.

The linked WinRed site once again blames President Joe Biden, along with the Democratic Party, for hurting American families, while asking donors to fill out their personal information and provide credit card details.

In a separate tweet, Burgum doubled down on the gift card offer: “When it comes to providing economic relief to the American people, I’m not messing around!”

The unusual move has given rise to some legal concerns, Politico reported.

The wealthy Republican governor, a former CEO at a software company, launched his presidential campaign last month but has little name recognition compared to many of his GOP opponents — who include former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Burgum, along with the other GOP presidential candidates, must receive at least 40,000 donations, including at least 200 dispersed among 20 different states, to qualify for the GOP debate on Aug. 23.

The North Dakota governor has held his seat since 2016. In April, he signed a ban on abortions at six weeks without exceptions for instances of rape or incest.

In May, he approved a bill banning pronoun policies in schools and requiring teachers to tell a student’s parent or guardian if the student identifies as transgender. He’s signed seven other anti-trans bills since January but maintains that he will not sign a federal abortion ban if elected.

Burgum also claimed on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” on Saturday that he wants to stay away from “every culture war topic” such as abortions, book bans and transgender legislation throughout his campaign and if elected.

“I’m comfortable with those battles happening at the state level because if people don’t like them they’ve got an opportunity to get engaged and try to change that. At the federal level it’s not anything I’m going to be pushing because I believe in freedom and liberty,” Burgum told NBC journalist Chuck Todd on Saturday.